In the offshore area, Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems provides comprehensive services for offshore wind farms. Our services as EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) contractor:

  • Design of offshore wind turbine foundations
  • Manufacture of jackets, monopiles and gravity-base foundations
  • Transport and logistics
  • Installation of foundations and wind turbines
  • Maintenance of the wind farms

Bilfinger Marine & Offshore Systems has over 15 years of experience in the offshore wind energy industry and has already installed more than 630 foundations in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Four of the world's eight largest offshore wind farms completed to date use foundations from Bilfinger Construction (London Array, Thanet, Horns Rev 2 and Rødsand 2).

We founded the joint venture Bilfinger Mars Offshore together with our partner Mars, a Polish investment fund.

Currently under construction, our plant in Stettin has an annual capacity of:

  • 50 jackets (up to 1,000 t)
  • 60+ sets of monopile and transition piece
  • 5,000 steal sea-fastening
  • Warehouse capacity for 50 jackets

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